Warrior Flow - The Next Evolution in Martial Training

I've been teaching people in the military, law enforcement, and private citizens for nearly forty years with only one goal. To reach as many people as possible and provide them with the ability to protect themselves and their families by giving them the best tools available. The E-Learning program is the realization of that dream... 



LtCol Al Ridenhour, USMC (ret)

Combat Veteran of Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan, former Infantry Officer, Operations Officer, Company Commander, Sniper Platoon Commander, Intelligence Officer, Security Manager and Anti-Terror / Force Protection Officer.

I'm the Creator and Head of Warrior Flow and have nearly "four decades" training and experience in the Martial Arts as a practitioner and Instructor. I'm also the Co-Founder and President of the International Warrior Arts Association.

My personal philosophy toward self-defense is as Thucydides once said that, "All men are basically the same..." In other words, the qualitative difference between one man or another is not in how big or strong they are, but how "WELL TRAINED" they are. You see, it's not a matter of whether you're so-called "tough", you're either trained or you're not and "competence breeds confidence..." Period.


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Warrior Flow represents and unprecedented leap forward in self-defense training and the Warriors Way Combatives E-Learning training. Is the culmination of that vision and is specifically designed to be accessible to virtually anyone


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