Veteran - Master Instructor - Self Defense Expert, Head of Warrior Flow System

Former Marine Corps Officer

Combat veteran, former Infantry Officer, Operations Officer, Company Commander, Sniper Platoon Commander, Intelligence Officer, Security Manager and Anti-Terror / Force Protection Officer.

Martial Arts Master Instructor

Nearly "four decades" training and experience in the Martial Arts as a practitioner and Instructor. 

Private Training Available



Al Ridenhour, has nearly 40-years of Martial Arts experience and is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Marine Corps.  With 28-years of service active and reserve and multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is recognized as a self-defense expert worldwide, and is highly sought out for seminars, workshops, lectures, and special individualized training. 

He has also served as a Law Enforcement consultant to the NJ State Police Special Operations Section, NJ Transit Police Operations Section, The NJ Regional Operations and Intelligence Center, the FBI Philadelphia Bomb Section, and subject matter expert to the US Department of Homeland Security's, Explosives Division.

He is the CEO, Strength From Within, LLC; Creator / Founder of Warrior Flow; Warrior Flow State; author of "Warrior Flow Mind" (2019), Co-Author of "Attack Proof: The Ultimate Guided in Personal Protection (Human Kinetics, 2010) and the Co-Author of "How to Fight for Your Life" (June 2010). He is the Senior Master Instructor and a 7th Degree Black Belt in Guided Chaos, and is also the President and Co-Founder of the International Warrior Arts Association (IWAA).

His personal philosophy toward self-defense is as Thucydides once said that, "All men are basically the same..." In other words, the qualitative difference between one man or another is not in how big or strong they are, but how "WELL TRAINED" they are. You see, it's not a matter of whether you're so-called "tough", you're either trained or you're not and "competence breeds confidence..." Period.

Friend, regardless of who you are, we all have an "inherent right" to protect ourselves and our loved ones and no one has the right to threaten you or your family and when they do they have crossed the proverbial "Rubicon", the point of no return. By helping people find that "space", the ability to "GO THERE", that "place" between "fear" or "self-doubt" and "courage", better known as "CONFIDENCE". Rather than become "sheep" to be protected from "wolves" by "sheepdogs". He prefers to train people to become "better", to become "HUNTERS"!  To find that inner strength, the moral certainty and perfect clarity to take action!

In a world of sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves... train and learn to become THE HUNTER!




The "SECRET" is there are no "secrets", no tricks, no gimmicks, "no BS". The system I teach, WARRIOR FLOW, is based on nearly four decades of training and studying concepts of human movement which expands your ability to fight within the full potential of what "your body" can do. Making your movement, more coordinated,  better!


Give me "one hour" of your time and I "guarantee" I'll have you moving and striking in ways you never thought possible. This is my promise to you. 


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