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As the Creator of Warrior Flow, I have condensed nearly 40 years of military and martial arts combative experience and training to develop a revolutionary program to shape you into the effective fighter you’ve always desired to be, making you better. Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or a beginner this program of Warrior Skill Development is guaranteed to improve your skills exponentially. I can tell you that nothing gives a person a greater sense of moral certainty and empowerment than the ability to be able to push past fear, and take care of their business if they have to.

This is "the way" the "Warrior Flow Way!"

You give me an hour of your time and I promise you'll be moving in ways you never thought possible. 

This I guarantee and my promise to you!


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“Lt. Col Al is not only a great instructor but also teaches an incredibly effective self-defense system. Highly recommended!”

--Steve Phylls, San Francisco, CA

“Master Al imparts the nuances of a unique martial art by way of a powerful personalized teaching style. Even if you bring an empty cup, it won't be big enough. Just show up, pay attention, let the energy flow - and train!”

--David Smith, Seattle, WA

“Everything about Warrior Flow Combatives is grounded in reality and common sense. I am learning to move naturally and comfortably to evade attacks while simultaneously delivering counterattacks. There are no Karate forms imitating martial positions which do not work for my body. If you want to learn martial arts, this stuff is the real sh--. The concepts and principles are light years ahead of anything else out there.”

--Robert DeBold, 6th Degree Black Belt, Isshin Ryu Karate, Greenwich, CT  

“Lt. Col. Al is a phenomenal instructor teaching a system that is the next level of Combatives for winning and going home.”

--Brent Ames, Head of KC Combatives, Kansas City, KS

“After recently organizing a seminar with LtCol Al Ridenhour in Brazil, I can fully support his unique didactics and insights on how to martially train the body to be free from irrational fears.”

--Luciano Imoto, Owner-Academia Imoto, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Al's ability to integrate how he explains things, demonstrates them and then builds the ability to replicate what he's demonstrated makes the learning experience super-efficient and very effective.”

--Dr. Joseph Riggio   

 “I have taken lessons for years. The lessons have increased my ability both physically and mentally. Trust me, it will be the same for you.”

--Joseph Martarano, Master Instructor, Self-Defense Center, Kingston, NY            

“A master of insight when it comes to martial arts and self-defense.”

--Samadhi Longo 

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